Training at NHSL falls mainly into two (2) categories – Mandatory and Supplementary/Developmental training.  The fact that the aviation environment is technical in nature and is highly regulated governs our operational procedures. 

Mandatory Training:

  • Recurrent training – Engineers, Mechanics, Pilots and Stores Clerks
  • Aircraft Type Training – Engineers, Mechanics
  • HUET (Helicopter Underwater Egress Training)
  • First Aid – Dispatchers, Aircrewmen (Medevac Transport)
  • Crew Resource Management – Pilot
  • Human Factors – Engineers, Mechanics

Supplementary Training:

  • Business/Project Management – Administrative Staff
  • Customer Services – Dispatchers & Operations Personnel
  • Job Evaluation & Technical Records – Human Resources Staff
  • Supervisory Management Training

Pilot Training

NHSL realizes that pilot have the responsibility to promote the safe and efficient operation of the Company’s aircraft.  The most effective means towards this end is through the establishment of a sound training regime within NHSL and the implementation of reliable instruction techniques and test procedures in the air.  Proficiency checks are carried out on each pilot, for each aircraft type he operates every six (6) months.