Careers may include Pilots (Trainees), Captains, Engineers, Dispatchers, Avionics Technician, Mechanics.

  • Recruitment & Selection – Candidates are selected based on their suitability for the organizational needs. In most instances the placement
    of these candidates is used as a basis for organizational development (for example from a Trainee Mechanic to a Mechanic 1) over a period of
    two (2) years.
  • Education/Experience (Qualification) – NHSL is fully cognizant of the importance of selecting the right person for the job and as a result
    prospective candidates who are to be considered must meet all the requirements – education, experience and qualification.
  • Performance (Performance Appraisal Process) – The Performance Appraisal process with is inherent to the Performance Development Review (PDR) will better assist in lending direction to the supporting instruments of the existing Training and Development Policy – company
    sponsored training (100% sponsored ) and the SAP Policy (Study Assistance Programme) – 75% sponsored.
  • Succession Plan – This plan guides and identifies potential successors for senior positions for suitable placement in the organization.

National is in the process of implementing the under mentioned performance management tool:

  • Balanced Scorecard – A Strategic Management System used to assist in attaining and maintaining alignment with the Company’s strategic
    goals and objectives. It is specifically geared towards driving performance across the Company. This system allows the Company to monitor
    its customer relationships, internal processes, its learning and growth, financial performance and stakeholder relationships.
  • Performance based – NHSL has a Performance Appraisal System in place which is used to monitor performance.  This system affords Managers/Supervisors the opportunity to make recommendations for promotion based on the performance of the employees.
  • Attainment of required qualifications – Due to the nature of the business NHSL operates in a technical based environment.  It is therefore necessary for employees to be technically sound by attaining licenses, flight hours and certified repairs in order for promotion to take place.  Administrative Staff would also have to attain academic qualifications in line with their job assignments.

As per policy/collective agreement – Vacant positions are first advertised internally and if there are no applicants or applicants do not meet the requirements, the position is then advertised externally. The advertisement comprises listing job requirements, grade and a closing date for applications. Prospective candidates must fulfill all requirements, based on requisite education, training, experience and physical capability. These candidates would also require at least two (2) referees listed and an interview panel comprises at least three (3) persons, the Department Head or delegate, the line Supervisor and a representative of the Human Resources Department. After selection, the candidate will be given a written offer outlining the main terms and conditions of employment.