National Helicopter Services Limited is in the process of upgrading its fleet, increasing its fleet capacity and increased usage of state-of-the-art helicopter technology in an effort to be poised for increasing demands in the oil & gas sector and expansion opportunities regionally.

NHSL currently operates six (6) helicopters for commercial use i.e. six (6) medium twins and provides maintenance support for the National Security Operations Centre (NSOC) which operates two (2) medium twins and two (2) light twins. 

NHSL operates from its main base at Camden, Couva and owns the Foreshore Helipad at Mucurapo, for the main purpose of facilitating medical evacuations (MEDEVACS).  Apart from these, the only other approved passenger pick up points are the Piarco International Airport and the Arthur Napoleon Raymond (A.N.R.) Robinson International Airport in Tobago.

Helicopter Transportation Services provided to support the following:

  1. Offshore Oil and Gas production.
  2. Offshore drilling and seismic surveys.
  3. Services to the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, offshore Search And Rescue (SAR),  24/7 emergency medical transfer (Medevac) mostly between Tobago and Trinidad, and V.I.P. transportation.
  4. Ad hoc local use (mainly for photography surveys and sightseeing).

The Company is the only local operator that can provide a product mix of a medium twin and light twin helicopters. This mix is enhanced by the Company’s ownership and ‘rights of access’ to multiple operating bases and ‟pick up” points. Service delivery is conducted within an environment which continually withstands the scrutiny of the local aviation regulatory body; and independent international auditors, who act as agents of current and prospective customers.

Our pricing model is basically driven by cost; but is structured and tailored to the individual customer, based on the service mix required. Overall our prices are competitive and in-keeping with industry standards.


National Helicopter Services Limited is the leader in the provision of transportation to and from offshore oil and gas platforms.  The service we provide is highly regulated, and we operate under very strict safety standards in the industry.  This is imperative as we venture further out into deep and ultra-deep gas fields in varying weather conditions.

As more deep water blocks are made available for exploration by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago, the number of energy sector companies entering the market has increased. This will directly affect our passenger throughput as our client base increases for the number of persons being transported to and from offshore platforms.  As such, we strive to provide a quality service for our existing as well prospective clients.


Catering to a multitude of clients, National Helicopter Services Limited provides VIP flight service to our clients. This service extends to our local as well as international dignitaries. Our past and current track record in safety, quality and efficiency has afforded us the ability to offer flights for artistes, sporting, governments and / or business professionals.

This is supported by our fleet of safe and reliable helicopters, which are manned with our qualified, trained and experienced pilots.


From the ground, it can sometimes be difficult to show what your company is capable of – National Helicopter Services Limited brings a new look at these capabilities by offering Aerial photography service. This service provides uncanny and picturesque views of the islands scenery, ranging from captivating seaside views to lush mountainous hillsides, nature and events.

By using our helicopter service for such tours, a new, beautiful and detailed image is seen from a helicopters perspective. We are able to find the perfect angle for your picture with our helicopters that are flown by our skilful and experienced pilots. These aerial photo tours give your companies the best perspective.


National Helicopter Services Limited (NHSL) has been providing our clients in the oil and gas sector and the Tobago Regional Health Authority (TRHA) with a Medevac service for 23+ years, with 100% safety record to date.  It entails providing Emergency coverage at night in the event of a medical emergency or danger to the offshore facility and its occupants.  Whereas, as it relates to our oil and gas clients, on receipt of a request for service – the response time is one (1) hour from the initial request to the time the aircraft departs our base. 

The TRHA missions entail the transfer of individuals from an offshore platform or patients from Signal Hill hospital to Mt. Hope, POS General (via our Foreshore helipad) or San Fernando hospitals in Trinidad.  Our Pilots and officials follow strict procedures and protocol, with the patients’ and crews safety, well-being and comfort as our primary considerations.


National Helicopter Services Limited (NHSL) is proud of our track record as an Air Operator and Approved Maintenance Organization in support of the S76 model aircraft with its Turbomeca engines for the past 23 years. Our specialized engineering teams have extensive capability in Base and Line Maintenance, Minor and Major component replacement to ensure our aircraft’s airworthiness. We strive on Safety, Quality and Excellence in all our work performed to reduce downtime of our aircraft whilst ensuring strict compliance to all regulations.


At NHSL, we offer a range of general and specialized courses in key areas of the aviation environment.  We have a flexible resource which can support you by either supplying a standard training package or by providing a personalized training specifically tailored to your company’s needs.  We are extremely competitive without sacrificing delivery or quality, whilst using the latest technologies available.

NHSL have partnered with the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) Caribbean Airlines Limited (CAL), Metal Industries Company (MIC) and the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Aviation Authority (TTCAA), for the development of educational aviation courses in Trinidad and Tobago. NHSL has a fully computerised training classroom and continuously strives to meet the highest standards of professionalism and excellence.  We are proud that we have a consistent satisfaction rate amongst our students.

Courses include: Human factors, Crew Resource Management (CRM), Maintenance Control Manual / Maintenance Procedures Manual (MCM/MPM), Dangerous Goods by Air (Acceptance & Awareness), Security Awareness, Basic First Aid & Fire fighting, Health, Safety and Environment, Fuel Management, Flight Safety, S76 A & C Avionics, S76 A & C Series Type, Arriel 1S1/1S2, and Arriel 2S1/2S2.